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February 28, 2022 The Home Edition Blog
Hello Good Neighbor,
Welcome to the neighborhood! The idea for Hello Good Neighbor began with a simple conversation with a new neighbor. Over time it evolved and has developed a larger meaning in my life. Up ’till now, I have been exploring the concept of “all things neighborly” within the context of relationships through a podcast titled as “Hello Good Neighbor”.
The concept of being a good neighbor encompasses so much more in my life and I imagine it does for you too. The concept of a neighbor does not only mean those who live next door or down the street, it is more universal. And I believe one aspect of being a neighbor begins at home.

This brings me to the title and focus of this blog, the Home Edition. While we will explore relationships and concepts of living and giving in other avenues of the neighborhood, I have a desire to share about the topic of homes and what they mean to us.

What do you think of when I say the word “home”…?

Does it elicit thoughts of your childhood, your current dwelling, the feeling of being in a home of sorts? They say that home is where the heart is and in 2022, well, that could be just about anywhere. You could be living a nomadic lifestyle in a van, on a boat, in an igloo. You might be on a cliff somewhere in a tree house or dwelling in a cave in the South of France. How about warming up to a fire in a log cabin in Appalachia. You could be living on the street without the same physical location every night. You could be in a palace, a high rise or living in suburbia.
The concept of home takes on different characteristics and meanings for each of us. I want to explore this with you, will you join me?

I have to admit that I had enjoyed a career of living in, designing and building various types of homes, and will continue to do so. My background in the field of construction has allowed me to explore the concept of home with many, and how we desire to incorporate or dreams and visions of a certain lifestyle in our choice of homes. This blog will endevour to explore “all things neighborly”, with the home in mind. I hope you will join me as we explore what it means to feel at home, whether you live in one now or are looking to purchase or even renovate something that will meet your needs or even for those you serve. I’m looking at growing this aspect of the Hello Good Neighbor, neighborhood, and look to offer the following:

1) Defining what it means to be home.
2) Our search for this ideal of home as we currently see it.
3) Inheriting, purchasing or remodeling the home.
4) How to recognize and overcome the proverbial money pitfalls.
5) How to invest in our home as it matures with us.
6) So much more, all focusing on our relationship to where we live and how to follow the heart as we live and move throughout our world.

So this is it, the beginning of the road of sorts. The Hello Good Neighbor idea is so much more than our interpersonal relationships, its about living, giving and the place we call home. Until next time, I hope you will explore the other avenues of our neighborhood that interest you  and that you will consider the above, and what it means to you, to be home.
Your Good Neighbor, Tony Slabaugh