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Hello Good Neighbor,

Welcome to the neighborhood!

The idea for Hello Good Neighbor began with a simple conversation with a new neighbor. Over time it evolved and has developed a larger meaning in my life. Up ’till now, I have been exploring the concept of “all things neighborly” within the context of relationships through a podcast titled as “Hello Good Neighbor”.

The concept of being a good neighbor encompasses so much more in my life and I imagine it does for you too. The concept of a neighbor does not only mean those who live next door or down the street, it is more universal. And I believe one aspect of being a neighbor begins at home.

This bring me to the title and focus of this blog, the Living Edition. While we will explore relationships, homes, and concepts of giving in other avenues of the neighborhood, I have a desire to explore the concept of “living”, in a neighborly fashion of course!

Let’s explore our lives and the impacts our choices make on how we move through life. Thoughts of everyday living, our lifestyle design approach to achieving our goals whether they be to appreciate our surroundings, participate in causes that propel us forward, both personally and as we interact with others.

What do you think of when you hear the word “living”…?

Does it elicit thoughts of how you were brought up and the choices you have made in life? Your reactions to choices that were out of your control? What about choices you are making right now to better your life and for those around you, your neighbors?

The concept of living takes on different characteristics and meanings for each of us and most certainly will change over time. How we approach life and the choices before us, will either move us towards the life we believe is worth living or away from it.

I have made life choices along the way that reflect the results as described above. I’m human, and in my humanity, I will sometimes (often in some cases), make choices that just do not make sense in the long-term outlook for my life and for those I love. However, I do make choices that propel me towards the desired outcome, the one that takes baby steps and sometimes even leaps of faith. Does this sound familiar to you?

If so, here’s where this blog about Living begins and I have a few topics to explore that are top of my mind. Ready…?

1) Why am I here and what is this thing called a “worldview”?

2) How am I to move about through life with this perspective on life and how will it shape my actions, if I let it?

3) Backtrack. I cannot simply let it happen, I must engage! How then will I engage my life with intention, whether for simple lifestyle design choices or the big picture items?

4) How will my way of living impact the world and those around me? Consider health, wealth, and happiness.

5) What happens if I don’t engage in my “why”, my purpose? What if I stay stuck and merely exist?

6) We will explore how to break free from mere existence and how to develop a life worth living!

So this is it, the beginning of a life lesson. Looking at the concept of Hello Good Neighbor with respect to how we live and display our uniqueness, is so much more than mere existence. The art of living with purpose and intention is a worthy cause. Whether this reflects the material things around us, or the condition of our minds and bodies, my hope is that you will join in on the conversation as we explore this Living Edition of “all things neighborly”. Until next time, ponder what it means to live a life worth living.

Your Good Neighbor, Tony Slabaugh